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When it came to regulating my teeth, I saw the solution crystal clear in front of me: Invisalign.

Basics of the Invisalign system:

The appearance and function of the removable aligners that move the teeth are also very similar to those of fixed braces. Removable aligners placed on the teeth stimulates pressure, putting the teeth in a new position, which is noticeable after only a few weeks of use.

The Invisalign system, special in two elements:

The transparent, removable, interdependent, so-called aligners in the creation, material, and existence of three-dimensional software (ClinCheck Software) are unique.

Invisalign, a very advanced orthodontic system, where teeth and their movement are simulated on a three-dimensional scale using software, and based on this, the tooth movements of the whole treatment and the necessary tools, orthodontic rails (aligners) are engineered. It’s a device that doesn’t have to have a big impact on our daily routine of life.

Transparent rails can be placed at any time and then removed. Because the teeth are moved with completely transparent rails, they can be worn comfortably anywhere. It does not contain protruding parts, so it does not damage the inside of the mouth causing pain. Although the orthodontic appliance is extremely comfortable, removable, and painless, it cannot be used for all types of teeth, mainly can be used for minor procedures.

The technology is based on the wearing of constantly renewing aligners, which must be changed every two weeks to shorten the duration of treatment.

Invisalign brought back my confident smile.

I had distress developed because of my teeth. I had protruding front teeth and my jaw was too small, so I hate smiling.

I looked into several treatment options and decided that Invisalign® was the perfect solution for me.

Because braces are almost imperceptible, I was able to live my life in peace without paying special attention to the reactions of others — others simply didn’t even know I was wearing braces.

The treatment lasted for 18 months from the beginning to the end.

I wore braces every day except for the duration of meals and drinking. This is one of the best aspects of Invisalign: it fits into a person’s life. Thanks to the treatment, I now feel much more confident. Simply put, I got back my real smile.

The treatment, which causes more than 2.5 million patients worldwide to smile.

Invisalign’s portfolio of innovative treatments improves a wide range of denture regularity problems (dental congestion, too wide gaps, crossbite, overbite, underbite).

Invisalign Full

Our basic treatment. It straightens the denture with a series of removable, virtually almost invisible braces. Invisalign Lite Can be used for less complex problems (such as minor congestion or minor dental problems).

Invisalign Teen

In addition to all the features of Invisalign Full, it also offers a wear indicator that better meets the needs of younger patients.

Invisalign i7

Simple and convenient solution specially designed for smaller tooth movements. Invisalign i7 lasts only three months.

Vivera® retention devices

The three-member series of translucent retention devices ensures a new, confident smile. It can also be used by Invisalign patients and other patients.

Convenient, transparent and removable. Invisalign controls your dentures with a series of almost invisible braces that are customized for comfortable wearing. When you change the braces every two weeks, your teeth will gradually move to the final planned position as instructed by the specialist providing the Invisalign product. Unlike traditional fixed braces, you can remove and replace this braces at any time. The end result will be a new, regular smile that will change your life.

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