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Endodontics, ie root canal treatment, is a dental specialty aimed at preventing and treating diseases of the pulpitis and the tissues around the tooth root and treating their lesions. Endodontic interventions are therefore meant treatments involving gingival tissue.

When is root canal treatment recommended?

It is recommended in cases where caries has reached the pulp chamber and the bacteria have already infected it, causing sensitivity and possibly pain to the patient. It is recommended if the pulp chamber has been opened, inflamed, or vascular and nerve structures have been absorbed as a result of an accident, or if the tooth is dead, if the tooth is causing mild, intermittent pain, or is sensitive to heat. There are cases when the dead teeth pulp causes inflammation in the bone around the tooth root, which can be accompanied by pain, sometimes swelling of the face, fever. Root canal treatment may be justifiable for periodontal disease or when making a crown.

What is root canal treatment and how does it work?

The tooth consists of a crown and one or more roots located in the jawbone. The function of the roots is to fix the teeth in the jawbone. The tooth contains the pulp, which contains nerves. In the case of root canal treatment, the pulp in the pulp chamber and root canal is removed, followed by root canal filling, which means supplying the cleaned canal with filling material.

Thus, the first step in the process is to explore, map, and dilate the root canals, and then the final step is root canal filling. Our teeth can have 1-4 or even more root canals, depending on the groups of teeth, so root canal treatment is a particularly attention demanding intervention.

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