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Why are oral hygiene treatments needed?

In addition to home dental care, it is important to take advantage of professional opportunities in order to preserve the beauty of our smile and the health of our oral cavity. Professional oral hygiene treatments are performed by trained dental hygienists. During the oral hygiene treatment, the dental hygienist & oral hygienist completely cleans your teeth of plaque and tartar and then, as part of an oral hygiene consultation, explains how you can best care for your teeth in your daily life.

Immediately after teeth brushing, plaque begins to form on our teeth. From the unremoved plaque, tartar develops, which can no longer be removed from our teeth by home methods. And tartar not only provides an aesthetically disturbing appearance, but can also be an inducer of severe periodontal disease if not removed in a timely manner.

What are the procedures for oral hygiene?

Perfect cleanliness is achieved in two steps by ultrasonic tartar removal and Air-Brush salt polishing. During tartar removal (depuration), coarser tartar and larger particles can be separated from the tooth surface. And the salt polishing perfectly removes any accumulated discoloration. Thus, professional oral hygiene treatment is not the same as simply removing tartar. Other plaque-retaining factors should be eliminated.

After ultrasonic tartar removal, the dental hygienic specialist polishes the tooth surface with a fine bristle brush and a special polishing paste. In hard-to-reach places, a powder blower polisher is used, which blows fine-grained dust particles onto the tooth surface under high pressure, thus removing small sediment. The resulting smooth surface is more difficult for the plaque to adhere to. Depending on how dirty our teeth and gums are, the treatment can take 20-40 minutes, and the treatment does not require any form of pain relief as it uses painless procedures.

Oral hygiene treatment is recommended at least twice a year to maintain the health of our teeth and gums.

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