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In our clinic we offer free counseling and treatment plans with favorable offers. We provide comprehensive aesthetic dental, orthodontic, oral surgery and implant care at an affordable price. We create a free, customized treatment plan.
Dental examination, status certificate - FREE
Tooth decay and tooth cleaning - from 5,000 HUF
Whitening - inquire about our special offers
Aesthetic tooth filling - from 8,000 HUF
Root canal treatment - from 10,000 HUF
Porcelain crown - from 22,500 HUF
Zircon Crown  - instead of 80.000 HUF, 48.000 HUF
AXION implants  - from 125,000 Forints
Our prices already include the General Sales Tax, but are only for informational purposes! For exact information please call +3620637262 or +3617834314 or email us at
The discounts can't be combinated. Thank you for your understanding.


Diagnostics, dental screening at our dental office in Budapest

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Aesthetic treatments

Aesthetic treatments, well-groomed white teeth at Arkad Dental

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Periodontics - Arcade Dental Dental PracticeThe discipline of periodontology with teeth and teeth disease

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Szájhigiéniás kezelések

Árkád Dentalban a professzionális szájhigiéniás kezeléseket erre kiképzett dentálhigiénikusok végzik.

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Conservative dental treatments

Conservative dental treatments. Dental caries are one of the most common dental problems

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Oral surgery

Oral surgery. In general, oral surgery is the treatment of diseases, diseases of the teeth, the jaws, and the soft parts

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Árkád Dental - Dental Practitioner