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The Dental Dentists of Arkád are committed to professionalism and always look for efficiency and pain relief.

Dr. Gaál Zoltán - Senior dentist

Dr. Gaál Zoltán

Senior dentist

I have worked in day and night dentistry for several years before, so I have quite a routine in both emergency patient care and prosthetics. I strive to be not only a good doctor, but also a gentle person, so my primary consideration is to provide painless, precise care to all my patients. I require this from all dentists working in the dental practice.

Dr. Nagy Adrienn - Dentist

Dr. Nagy Adrienn


I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Szeged. Since then, I have regularly attended theoretical and practical trainings in order to continuously expand my knowledge. My main area of interest is aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, in the daily practice of which I pay special attention to the development of beauty and harmony.

Dr Tóth Kata - Dentist

Dr Tóth Kata


I graduated from Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry. In addition to my studies, I spent 9 months in the Dento-Alveolar Surgery Department of the Semmelweis University Dental Education Center as part of the university’s clinical talent management program. After graduating, I got a routine in day and night dentistry in emergency patient care. I also deal with conservative dentistry, dental prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Stekkelpach Jennifer - Dentis

Dr. Stekkelpach Jennifer


During dental treatment, I consider pain relief to be essential, so I always strive for my patients to experience treatment without fear and anxiety. In addition, I think it is important that we create the treatment plan together, taking into account our own needs. For me, the feeling of success is when people leave our practice with satisfaction and a sincere smile after completing my work. Contact me with confidence!

Dr. Hermann Boglárka - Dentist specialist at orthodontics

Dr. Hermann Boglárka

Dentist specialist at orthodontics

I studied at Semmelweis University. I gained the practical and theoretical experience needed for orthodontics in a specialist dental practice where many patients from young children to adults turned up, thus encountering a wide range of bite disorders. I always start orthodontic treatments with a thorough examination and accurate information. My goal is not only to create orderly, but also functionally stable dentures.

Dr. Császár Zita - Parodontológus szakorvos

Dr. Császár Zita

Parodontológus szakorvos

After graduating, I worked as a candidate periodontist for 3 years at the Institute of Dental and Oral Surgery and several other practices. I have attended several theoretical and practical courses in periodontology-implantology, I am constantly training myself. I specialize in healing the periodontal, thereby preserving the teeth that can still be saved.

Dr. Lévai Zsófia - Oral surgeon

Dr. Lévai Zsófia

Oral surgeon

I graduated from the Department of Dentistry of the University of Pécs. During my studies I also did scientific work, in connection with which I gained practice in oral surgery. My main interests are conservative dentistry (tooth-retaining treatments), making fixed dentures and aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening, aesthetic restorations).

Dr. Tejeda Tamás Márk - Dentist

Dr. Tejeda Tamás Márk


I completed my studies at the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University. During my treatments, I always strive to create a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere, which provides an opportunity for fear-free and pain-free healing. In addition to my dental work, I have been teaching adult ballroom dancing for years, so I have a lot of patience and empathy.

Dr. Heidl Anna - Dentist

Dr. Heidl Anna


I graduated from the University of Pécs. My main areas of interest are pediatric dentistry and aesthetic dentistry. I consider it important for children to master proper oral and dental care as soon as possible and this becomes part of their daily routine. In the course of my work, I pay great attention to ensuring that children feel hassle-free, safe and develop a relationship of trust, which helps them to turn to the dentist with courage and a positive experience in the future.

Dr. Kóródy László - Szájsebész rezidens

Dr. Kóródy László

Szájsebész rezidens


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