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Have you heard about Pericoronitis?

The growth of wisdom teeth (third grinders) usually begins between the ages of 18 and 25. This is a long process and most of cases unfortunatelly not hassle-free. Partially outgrowth wisdomteeth has got a common problem called pericoronitis means gum tissue becomes swollen and infected around the wisdom teeth.

What is the sense of having wisdom teeth?

Well, if we want to be honest: literally nothing at all! This is an „evolutionary heritage” which probably was helping for cavemen chewing row meat and hard seeds without any problem. Practically we do not really need the 8th teeth anymore. Around 15% of the population will never grow out and they are fine without them. However if it is growing out from jawbone with no issues then is not such a bad thing we can chew with 32 teeth instead of 28.

What is pericoronitis?

In short an infected and bleedy area of gum around partially growth up wisdom teeth. (read more about gum bleeding HERE) Cleaning the sac formed between the gums and tooth is extremely difficult, bacterica can easily multiply causes unpleasant symptoms. The situation can be even worst if the teeth are impacted, means for some reason they are stucked or jam in the protrusion.

Depending on the severity, symptoms of pericoronitis may include:

    • Swelling in the gum tissue, around the affected teeth. Erythema (redness) and edema (swelling)

    • Inflammation, pus and bleeding gums

    • Bad mouth taste, unpleasant breath (read more about bad mouth breath HERE)

    • Fever or fever enlargement, enlarged lymph nodes

    • „mouth lock” means difficulty opening the mouth

    • Intense pain that often radiates

Pericoronitis does not mean necessarily a death sentence for wisdom teeth!

If you experience the above symptoms, the first and most important thing is to cleanse the gums, even if it is painful. Use a smaller, softer-bristled toothbrush and products specifically recommended for gum inflammation (special toothpaste, antibacterial rinse).

Do not forget visit our practice where we can give additional advice about your treatment!

By cutting out unnecessary, overlapping gum tissue (circumcisio), pericoronitis can be eliminated for a long time (or even permanently). It is a short, painless surgical procedure that takes place under local anesthesia. In case of recurrent pain or re-infection, we may see it better if the wisdom tooth is removed. This should always be a well-founded decision, backed up by various tests (such as x-rays).

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