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Five reason why dental implant is so popular

If you suffer from a lack of teeth, you can choose from a number of options (removable or fixed dentures?). Installing a dental implant is much more than a simple denture! It allows you to smile confidently again and not have any food on your ban list. It is almost 100% identical in function and appearance to the original tooth, so it offers the best solution for replacing 1-1 teeth or even an entire denture.

How to imagine a dental implant?

A dental implant basically replaces the tooth root. The durable titanium screw structure is implanted in the jawbone. This is where the tooth edifice itself, ie the crown, the bridge, or the removable denture (overdenture) comes on. During so-called osseointegration, the implant integrates with the bone tissue over time, thus ensuring perfect stability.

On what cases not recommended?

Most patients are suitable for dental implants, but there are some cases where a dental implant is not recommended. Certain health conditions and diseases can negatively affect the success of the surgery operation or be an additional risk factor for the body.

  • heavy smoking, alcohol and drug addiction (in which case oral hygiene is difficult to maintain)
  • Under the age of 18 (bones are still developing!)
  • if there is not enough bone tissue available (cases that cannot be corrected by bone replacement)
  • if the patient has been diagnosed with a malignant tumour
  • severe gum disease, periodontal disease also not recommended
  • untreated diabetes, coagulation and haematopoietic disorders

Surgery is always preceded by an elaborate examination, which clearly shows whether the patient is suitable for implantation (prior consultation, general medical examinations, CT, panoramic X-ray, etc.).

Five reason dental implant so popular

# 1 Dental implants are closest to healthy, natural teeth

Your friends will be surprised that you have had a dental implant! After a while, you too will forget that you are living your everyday life with not your original teeth.

# 2 A durable and reliable solution

Implants -depending on their quality and with proper care- can provide a lifelong solution to replace lost teeth.

# 3 Better chewing ability

The artificial dental root, like the natural tooth, is fixed in the jawbone. As a result, the chewing function is 98% restorable, meaning you can enjoy your favorite foods again.

# 4 Comfortable and natural feeling

Because the implant practically merges with the bone, you will not feel like you have a “foreign body” in your mouth.

# 5 Made of biocompatible material

It means, it is not harmful or toxic at all, and the body does not usually reject it. The success rate of dental implants in Hungary is roughly 95%.

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