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Defective teeth are a problem that cannot be postponed! Already a few months is enough for the adjacent teeth to gradually shift, causing bone atrophy to occur. Dentures can be severely distorted and this condition can lead to further tooth loss. Complete tooth loss can have a negative effect not only on your speech but also on your digestion. When filling a damaged tooth can no longer be saved, dentures are also the only solution.

Types of fixed dentures: crown, bridge, veneers and implant

The crown for restoring a single tooth is placed on the polished tooth abutment or implant. The material is usually porcelain, ceramic or zirconium. The dental bridge is already suitable for the replacement of several teeth. The supporting pillars of the denture are the polished teeth that define the gap. Shells can also be classified as fixed prostheses, although here we are talking more about aesthetic correction. It is a breath-thin layer that is glued to the lip side of the tooth.

Implants are the most modern and cost-effective solution for replacing lost teeth. They are much more comfortable and durable than traditional dentures. The patient can feel as if they are getting their original teeth back: they can talk confidently, chew and laugh without having to worry about their teeth slipping out of place. The material of the implant (artificial tooth root) is titanium, which is able to integrate with natural bone tissue. It is implanted during a surgical procedure, which is a much more drastic procedure than grinding teeth.

Dentures, implantation without distress and pain? If you feel that local anesthesia is not enough for you, ask for treatments under anesthesia! (link to article on anesthesia)

Removable dentures, ie dentures or prostheses

If too many teeth are missing or, for example, due to an insufficient amount of bone, it is not possible to insert an implant, we usually choose a removable denture - partial or complete. This is the most cost effective solution with which, even if not perfectly, the chewing function can be recovered and the changed vocal articulation can be corrected perfectly. It is easy to clean, as the denture can be easily removed at any time. Wearing it, especially during the initial period, can cause some difficulty and you will also need to take care of its maintenance from time to time. Thanks to modern technology, high-quality dentures looks like natural teeth.

Overdenture - removable, stable tooth edifice on attached elements

Overdentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants. If you are looking for a more comfortable solution than a traditional (screw in, fixed) prosthesis, you may want to consider an snap-in, removable overdenture. This procedure is the most affordable for patients who wants to restore all their teeth by dental implants. This is also removable, however, instead of a vacuum, the denture is held in place by implants, making it much more stable, even without the need for denture adhesive at all.

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