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If you are looking a dental-clinic at Budapest is not so easy. Dozens of supply makes difficult to choose the right one. Probably you want to choose a close to your home or your workplace however still hundreds of dentistry available...  Dentist at Budapest? Arkad Dental is the solution! Find us at frequented place of the city, at Örs vezér square!

Three feature of a good dentist

#1 Reliability

Feeling vulnerable at dentistry is not unaccustomed because an „unknow” person finger & famble in your mouth with sharp metal tools… That is why so important the trust between doctor and patient!

#2 Communicativity

The patient could got more stress if does not know what will be the next step. Explain the processes in more details could dissolve the deepest fear.

#3 Up to date professional knowledge 

Having a degree is not everything. Every year coming up newer and modern techniques and methods therefore continous self-learning and up to date knowledge is essential!

We do our job with passion!

We do attention & care about our patient and we know: sitting in a dental chair is not a pleasent situation! Our aim is not just create a beautifull smile on your face with the latest technology and materials but we treat you as a companion!

Dentist Budapest?  Do not search more!

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