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The sooner a child meets a dentist, the more likely it is that later, severe dental problems will be avoided.

Dental-clinic for children: How to choose the right dental specialist pediatrician?

Bad experience at childhood could repudiate children to visit dentistry. Negative experience could result  fear, distress and phobia which can cause that the child became adult will ignore visiting dentistry.  Avoid this it is very important to find the best dental specialist!

Dentist who is giving threatments for adults could be not suitable for children also. Paediatric dentistry is a special area which requires a high level of patient and emphaty. A professional paediatric dentists always ready to manage unexpected situations  like children’s crying and frolic.

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Three tip for parents visiting paediatric dentist for first time

#1 try to book appointment for morning time if possible as most of children not tired but awake, vigilant

#2 try to explain on „children”s language” what will happen

#3 Bring your favourite toys, pillow  so the new environment will be more friendly for your child

We provide a safe, gentle & stress-free dental care from infantsage to teenage.  We do everything your child could feel in safe and convenient!

Dentistry for children?  Arkad Dental!

*patient and helpfull specialists *friendly surgery

*children-oriented attitude * high level services

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