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Persistent & high-quality, services

Budapest dental clinic, in which you will never be disappointed! We are really taking care about our patients! Excellent communication skills, profession and anthropocentrism – this is Arkad Dental!

When we have founded our clinic, we knew we want to do different way. For us is fundamental to provide the highest quality service as possible for our patients. We belive that dental service is not „mass production” service: we are giving quality services for people.

Árkád Dental

Dental treatments from A to Z, professional specialists

You are getting exactly what you need! Headstrong tartar? Irregular smile? Embarassing tooth loss?  Definiatelly You will find the solution for any dental problem you have got with one of our doctors help.

Our main serives: children dentist, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry,
periodontics, orthodontics, root canal treatment, implantology and dentures.

We know that is not so easy...

Nobody likes dentistry...we know that! Our team is working hard  on every day you never get disappointed with us. Trust is fragile and needs care just like teeths. At our clinic we want to create a firendly charm and warm-welcome atmosphere where always the patient first.

You can trust on us! If Budapest dentistry then Arkad Dental!

*Up to date dentists * patient-oriented attitude

*tailor-made threatments * latest technology and modern materials

* pleasant atmosphere  * full range of services

Árkád Dental - Dental Practice